Jeu de Cartes Yoga Evolution


Yoga Evolution is a card game to support your Hatha Yoga Practice by adding some fun along the way. Your goal is to activate the 7 chakras with physical postures known as asana and breathing exercises known as pranayama.

You will find 52 cards : the 7 chakras and 45 yoga techniques. Each technic will allow you to put some energy into one specific chakra which means that you actually have to practice the technic on the mat ! Then the chakras are going to be opened one by one. For your safety, you will be guided into the proper sequence of a Yoga Practice.


By opening the chakras day after day, you will not only strenghten your health and refine your emotions and your way of thinking, but also you will blossom in your daily life and reach new spiritual heights !

Happy Evolution ! 

Warning : This game doesn't teach you how to practice the technics. They should be learned before with a competent Yoga teacher. This game is specially designed for those already familiar with the practice of Hatha Yoga directed toward the use of energy or prana.


Learn everything on the game in this video !



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